Lingual Orthodontics

Several companies are actually offering “invisible braces” or braces that are placed in the inside (lingual) side of your teeth.

It is not a new technolgy as Dr Fillion from France was a pionner in the 1970s and 1980s of this technique.


New development in CAD-Cam, 3D imaging and 3D printing have made this concept more intuitive and easier to use for the orthodontist.

As adult orthodontis gain more and more accceptance, lingual orothodontics is now more popular. It is more costly and is still perceived as giving somewhat inferior results. The technique is evolving so fast with technological advances that the difference in the quality of results  between conventional brackets and lingual is closing fast.

One of the largest company offering lingual orthodontics is 3M unitek with its Incognito line. Other ones are Ormco, American Orthodontics.

Another company from China is offering training and courses in the far East.  Dr Rafi Romano and Dr Geron  as well as several Chinese orthodontists give courses on lingual orthodontics. The last one was given in Guandzhou and attended by over 300 dentistsand orthodontits